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August 13 2017

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I guess we all maybe kind of know how this plays out. Pretty sneaky sis…

Inspired by this post







how insidious to make young girls buy hundreds of dollars worth of makeup, to force them to read up on its theory, to make them practice it for hours in order to escape mockery, to make them feel safe only when performing this hyper femininity, and then to even have the audacity to package it in feminist language so that they firmly believe it sets them free.

who called you out on your sloppy wings

I know you probably think you’re really witty, but I just want you to know that you, and all the other people who made that joke, prove my point exactly.

This is why I have an issue with feminists shouting “let women wear make-up”. Like, not only is it expected to wear make-up, but it’s encouraged and the younger the better (cute pinkish lipstick for pre-teen girls, cute and sparkly eyeshadow for pre-teens again)

Whenever I see a post about girls to “LET THEM WEAR MAKE-UP”, well… there’s nothing stopping them or you, really. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Society pushes you to wear make up and have the most perfect make-up skills ever. And if it takes you 15 minutes for a full contour, shade, highlight, you’re praised.

Seriously, girls get more shit for not wearing make-up.

If you want to fight for the right to wear make-up, please shift to “MEN ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR MAKE-UP”. Also, please fight for the right for girls and women to not wear make-up.

Because for each post of you fighting for girls to have the right to wear make-up because it’s feminist and it will free them, there are ten companies behind your back who wrinkle their hand cause you’re doing the job for them.

I get asked at least once a week why I don’t “just try wearing makeup. It’s super simple you can even learn how on youtube!” 
I don’t want to. 

I don’t like makeup. 

I don’t want to wear it. 

Or buy it. 

Or have anything to do with it. 

If you tell me I could use it to cover up my acne, or my red face, and it will feel empowering™ to be able to ‘choose how i look’ you’re a fucking douche and not a feminist at all. 

women who wear makeup statistically make more money at the same jobs and skill level as women who don’t. women who wear makeup to interviews are more likely to be hired than women who don’t. women who perform adequate femininity in court are more likely to be acquitted or given the minimum sentence. one of the things taken into consideration by psychiatry and psychology about women seeking treatment is whether they’re wearing makeup – because women who wear makeup are seen as more likely to be sane and/or “responding appropriately.” not even getting into how much so-called “feminist” language on social media is couched in otherizing women who don’t want to, or can’t, put time and money into performing hyperfemininity “for themselves! to feel brave! to show you’re tough! :))))) be beautiful because you’re worth being objectified, girl!”

when women are literally systematically and personally punished for NOT spending time and money on makeup, you absolutely cannot pretend that makeup, as an industry and element of culture, is feminist. no one’s eyeliner is ever going to be sharp enough to slay the patriarchy. seriously.

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Sir that is too big a bite

Don’t tell him what to do

He is causing a scene

August 12 2017

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Карманный мини котик. Анти стресс на работе )

Reposted bysevenluxnvm

August 11 2017




you know what would’ve been nice. not actually having official stats for team voltron. just fake joke stats completely scribbled over and vandalized by other paladins. stuff like.

Intelligence: llllllllll
Sarcasm: llllllllll
Insomnia: lllllllllllllll

Strength: lllllll
Mullet: llllllllll
Impulse control: l

Nausea: lllllll
Anxiety: llllllllll
Hugability: lllllllllllllll

Handsomeness: llllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Awesomeness: llllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Being the best: llllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Strength: llllllllllllll
Diplomacy: lllllllll
Fun: llll (llllllllll)*
*when she’s not worried about defending the galaxy

Responsibility: lllllllllllllll
Levelheaded: lllllllllllllll
Slav: l

Gorgeous: lllllllllllllll
Gossip: lllllllllllllll
Pizzaz: lllllllllllllll



Fun fact: in the 80′s the Dutch Unemployed Union held ‘fridge raids’ to protest against poverty. 

They’d find out when a politician of big boss who upheld poverty and starvation wages was speaking at some public even, then they’d carefully break into his house with a LOT of people and they would eat EVERY piece of food in his house and leave the empty dished behind without taking anything else. 

Direct action at its finest.

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bakugou vs uraraka

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There’s a lot of discourse going around right now about everyone’s ages but this is literally the only thing I’ve been thinking of since they were officially released

Ok I fixed it

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August 10 2017

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do you ever just

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Попытка бегства от ветеринара

“An attempt to escape the vet”

August 09 2017

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Listen.. I would die for them….

August 08 2017


@ every post thats like “a fantroll whose typing quirk is just crytyping” that already exists and his name is tavros

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spider-man: homecoming is the only thing i will be talking about for the rest of my life


Shiro when he sees Keith and Hunk take a really bad hit and is visibly affected by it

Kuron telling his team to risk letting down their shield to leave themselves completely vulnerable and just “deal with the consequences”

Yeah, that’s not Shiro 

August 07 2017

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Flap flap flap



You were accidentally born into the dev build version of Earth, and you can use commands to hack the “game”. Describe your life.

How your backyard barbecue go, The Smiths? Pretty good, it doesn’t seem. Ha ha. I tell little joke.

next time you invite Pam.

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My box of raisins is making me really uncomfortable

Don’t ignore it.

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