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October 12 2017

if there was a sauce assosiated with homestuck this would have happened during act 5



1) wouldn’t have gotten the same attention/traction since at its peak homestuck’s core audience was teens and not grown men

2) faygo

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Via Reddit

The artist is @pythosart!

Oh hey that is mine

Thanks bud!


Honestly my favorite part of Homestuck is that for a solid chunk of the story amongst all of the then-disguised characters harassing the then-main characters one in specifically deals with the main-est character backwards, so he starts out knowing everything about him and hating and insulting him and as we follow the main character his harasser gets less and less mad until it turns out that during their first conversation from the harasser’s side the main character is so used to him he acts friendly and the harasser asks him out, finds out he’s straight, and promptly starts talking to him backwards in time for the sole purpose of being too embarrassed to talk to him with that knowledgeable and honestly same

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why my hand shaky

your skeleton is ready to hatch

this is so fucking ominous thank you

October 11 2017




I read Hamlet back in high school and to this day my absolute favorite thing about it was when Guildenstern was trying to fool Hamlet into doing something or other and Hamlet’s savvy to it but rather than saying “you’re lying and trying to trick me” instead Hamlet outta nowhere whips out this flute and tells Guildenstern to play it.

And Guildenstern is all “I dont know how to play a flute, my lord”

And Hamlet takes a dramatic pause before he absolutely ruins Guildenstern with, “Well thats funny considering you thought you could play me”

this post sounds like im exaggerating but im not it’s straight up canon

fucking legendary power move

1104 3066



Year 2049, the first AI was elected in place of a human politician 25 years ago. Humanity is united under a single flag, hunger and disease is no more, a gunshot hasn’t been heard in years, the world climate is recovering…Yet, there’s this one thing you just can’t accept.

“Obviously, society is doing great. I love it. I’m happy, life is good, poverty is over, everyone has access to healthcare. All of it. Beautiful.” 

He stopped, fingers to his temples, eyes scrunched up in frustration. A sigh escaped his lips and everyone in the room grunted or groaned. They knew exactly what was coming. Every time he got into the gin, he’d get worked up and rant for at least 45 minutes. Always about the same, dumbass thing. 

He sat up straight and gestured at nobody in particular. “Why the fuck did the AI make itself look like Adam Sandler?”

“COME ON!” Someone shouted from the back.

“We’ve been through this,” floated dejectedly over from his left. “The AI ran some sort of tests and determined that that was the most likable and non-threatening form it could take. “

“I know, but-”

“Jesus. Let it go.”

He continued, determined. “His movies are so fucking bad!”

“Yeah, but like, when you looked at Adam Sandler, did he look like the kind of guy that would enslave humanity or kill them all? No.”

“I… I guess. I always heard he was really nice. I just. I can’t believe the smartest computer system ever built decided Adam fucking Sandler was the perfect form. And nobody else thinks it’s weird. You all just went right along with it.” 

oh my god i'm cleaning out my desk and i found my first phone






it was a fucking house phone that i was so stoked to have because it was mine that i kept in my own room and i cannot believe technology has progressed at the speed of FUCKING light to the point where this is a hilarious artifact to have had in like 6th grade and now theres kindergarteners with iphones

How did you know if you dialed the right number

each button made a different tone so the numbers you dialed a lot became a subconscious melody in your head and if you hit the wrong button by accident it would sound like a wrong note in a song you know by heart

i can’t beleive that is a legitimate question in my lifetime

Other acceptable answer: the wrong person answers on the other end.

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1998 nickelodeon trade ad

It’s amazing how they could make an ad from 1998 that looks like a shitpost made a week ago.



friendly reminder that rick astley is actually a pretty horrible person lmao 

rick astley could be a fucking serial killer at this point and i wouldn’t have a goddamn clue because im physically and psychologically incapable of clicking any link that even slightly alludes to him at this point. rick astley just ran over 20 people you say? lmao not falling for that again don’t tell me to call 911 what do you take me for a fool

October 10 2017

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rebecca sugar creates a econd black plague

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casually slides another one of my entries

October 09 2017


yeah sex can be good with the right person but it’s usually not worth all the bullshit that goes on around it… returning from the ocean to the river of your birth, darkening in color, migrating hundreds of miles upstream past dams and waterfalls, dying, returning your exhausted body’s nutrients to the river so your young grow healthy and strong


goretober day 3 : glitc h


imagine being a regular dude just trying to get your 6 piece mcnuggests and a sweaty 30 year old in a blue wig is screaming about meme sauce




no communist state ever had a sauce riot caused by a cartoon

shut the fuck up talia


For sale: meme sauce, never dipped

October 08 2017



all those memes about how old ppl are bad with technology are gonna haunt us when we cant figure out how to get the apple iBrain 7 to stop autoplaying embarassing memories

jokes on you idiot my normal brain can do that

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