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February 08 2018

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Cat no banana has some big moods

February 07 2018

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textures by x, official artwork + creator’s message book

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i got a new bathtub yesterday

This may be my favorite piece of acnl art ever.

February 06 2018



I have a real problem fighting down the impulse to just reach down into the frying pan and flip whatever it is I’m frying over with my bare hands. Like I’ll be fiddling around down there with some fucking spatula or whatever and some part of me will be like “you can just reach down if you’re quick and precise enough. It’ll be fine don’t worry”

Human brain: i’m not putting my hands in the fucking frying pan

Monkey brain: fingers nimble…………. dextrous






fantroll whose sign is loss.jpg

your name is LOSDOT JAYPEG and boy do you keep LOSING THINGS

hey op do u take construtctive criticism 

i absolutely do not. never ask again

understandable! enjoy your new oc


The sun is probably the closest thing we’ll ever have to a true Eldritch Abomination. Hear me out here-

  • Older than recorded history; was here longer than any of us and will be here long after we leave. Has a finite beginning and end but is still incomprehensibly ancient
  • Burns itself into your vision instantly and can blind you if you look for too long
  • Further prolonged exposure can cause cancerous growths
  • Non-humanoid shape floating through space; colossal flaming tentacles angrily lash out on occasion
  • Sort of just appeared one day and is now surrounded by the corpses of its stillborn children
  • People used to sacrifice other people to appease it
  • Pretty sure it screams at us sometimes

February 05 2018




It’s really depressing how Labor Day has gone from “give laborers a day off” to “give white collar office workers and executives a day off but make retail laborers work so that executives can get a latte on their day off”

Nobody is making anyone work. If you don’t want to work on that day, don’t.

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February 04 2018

cute date idea


we go to an aquarium. you point out all the fish you like. i jump in the tank and attempt to fight them to win your affection

February 03 2018

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Farmers in Indonesia introduce fish into their rice fields. The fish excrement acts as a fertilizer for the plants, while the plants attract insects and other pests, which serve as food for the fish. This process increases rice yield by up to 10%. 


It’s almost… bear with me here… it’s almost like nature knows what it’s doing.


remember when you first tried reading homestuck and you had to double check you were on the right site

February 01 2018



say what you want about millenials but at least we dont lick our fingers to turn a page

don’t have to cause my hands are always sweaty from the constant stress of being alive


PSA- There’s gonna be a super blue blood moon eclipse tonight (31st Jan) (say that three times quick) and it’s gonna be fully visible from Australia, NZ, East and Southeast Asia. It’s the first time in 150-something years that a super moon, a blue moon, a blood moon will occur at the same time

You might miss it because most of US and Europe will miss it and therefore there’s less hype but if it’s not cloudy where you are and you can see it GO OUT AND LOOK AT THE MOON

how to get away with playing super mario odyssey in class



the nintendo switch has helped us evolve as a species

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I hate this website because I heard “Thinking Out Loud” by Edward Sheeran and all I could think about was that one fucking video you know the one

Hey bud the hint only made me more confused

I’m so honored I get to share this with you



i just started bnha but WHY do people hate mineta? he just a little boy. little grape boy.

January 31 2018


If Andrew Hussie wrote the Harry Potter series Harry would’ve used the fucking liquid luck and time turner to kill Voldemort.

Except it’s not actually Voldemort, it’s a construct meant to resemble voldemort which Tom Riddle won after creating a timeloop in which he provided the magic for his own mother’s love potion and created a super powerful snake which he later turned into his beloved pet. And also Wizards have 9 kinds of romance and half of the cast are now centaurs.



concept: a bath but like. the water never get cold. 

horrible concept, I would never leave the bath and become a prune

January 29 2018

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